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Megalogrowlmon by RinaTiger-Art Megalogrowlmon :iconrinatiger-art:RinaTiger-Art 102 29 Guilmon-Digital Monster * by XSol-StudiosX Guilmon-Digital Monster * :iconxsol-studiosx:XSol-StudiosX 107 34 Summoning: Guilmon Edition by RandomMadnessityfier Summoning: Guilmon Edition :iconrandommadnessityfier:RandomMadnessityfier 51 2 Growlmon by masonday Growlmon :iconmasonday:masonday 9 7 Guilmon Nom by snuddi Guilmon Nom :iconsnuddi:snuddi 72 8 Digi-Modify! High Speed Plug-In D! by coolvanillia Digi-Modify! High Speed Plug-In D! :iconcoolvanillia:coolvanillia 146 19 Commission Readasaur by izumi07 Commission Readasaur :iconizumi07:izumi07 254 19 Commission Readasaur 2 by izumi07 Commission Readasaur 2 :iconizumi07:izumi07 229 12 GROWLMON REGRESA A GUILMON by davidgtm3 GROWLMON REGRESA A GUILMON :icondavidgtm3:davidgtm3 0 0 MADZA RX7 BATLE MACHINE GROWLMON TUNING NFSW 3 by davidgtm3 MADZA RX7 BATLE MACHINE GROWLMON TUNING NFSW 3 :icondavidgtm3:davidgtm3 2 2 GROWLMON Y TAKATO by davidgtm3 GROWLMON Y TAKATO :icondavidgtm3:davidgtm3 8 2 GROWLMON EVOLUTIONS TAKATO by davidgtm3 GROWLMON EVOLUTIONS TAKATO :icondavidgtm3:davidgtm3 5 5 Guilmon Mesh Illustrator CS2 by Dhenix Guilmon Mesh Illustrator CS2 :icondhenix:Dhenix 13 3 GULMON CAR IN NEED FOR SPEED WORLD TUNING by davidgtm3 GULMON CAR IN NEED FOR SPEED WORLD TUNING :icondavidgtm3:davidgtm3 2 2 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO X TUNING GROWLMON CAR NFSW by davidgtm3 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO X TUNING GROWLMON CAR NFSW :icondavidgtm3:davidgtm3 0 0



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This is a club about our lovable favorite dinosaur Digimon. If you like Guilmon and/or any of his evolutions or his kind in general, come join the club and submit your pictures about this guy.
Founded 13 Years ago
Apr 13, 2004


148 Members
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Newest Members

Everyone, the Guilmon-Club has been upgraded into a group now.  You have to rejoin the club to enter it again. Also, I'll be holding a contest for the new club icon as our current one is kind of flat now. ^^;  In the mean time I'll be looking for another admin sometime soon.  There's also some new changes on how you submit to the club now, but I think it's going to be changed into policy and rules now.  Changes to this will be made slowly overtime so have fun submiting Guilmon pictures to the club but be mindful of the rules.

CONTEST: New Guilmon Avatar Contest
WHAT YOU NEED TO DO:  Basically you just need skills in making an avatar club picture and just make another avatar of our beloved Dinosaur Digimon.  Just Guilmon or Guilmon and Takato at the same time will work here.
PRIZE: You'll become a judge for future Guilmon-Club contests as I can't give out any prizes unless I can find somone to become an admin of whom I can trust who could do that kind of thing.  But until then the prize will just be becoming eligible of becoming a judge, so that way contests will be little more fair.

Art Project idea:  We got a couple of new ideas around here, but you don't have to do it if you don't want to.  Anyway here's the ideas:  
:new: 1. What would you look like as a Guilmon (or any of his evolutions)?  It's just a thought, I wonder if anybody has some different ideas and designs of what would you look like as a Guilmon.  Will they have different designs, your hair, or just look like a regular Guilmon?  Think about it and show it to me or explain it to me. :D
2. Father and son.  Would it be cool if any of the other forms of Guilmon will be a Guilmon's Father?  What would a Guilmon who has a Gallantmon as a father will be like? :ninjaplot: Show me what you think about it. :D
3. Guilmon's weapon I wonder what type of weapons that will be suitable for Guilmon. Can someone draw that up?
4. Guilmon's tamers. I wonder what and how Guilmon will be treated like if he was raised by the other Digimon tamers instead of Takato.  Like if he was Rika's digimon, would he be serious looking. It could be any of the tamers from the series and it could be your own made up tamer that was with him. What will Guilmon be if he was with those tamers? :hmm:
5. Guilmon Costumes. There are many ideas of Costumes for our favorite little dinosaur of any of his evolutions.  If you have made one and want to show it off, take a picture of you or your friend in the costume and send it to me.  If you only have a design, then send the picture or a list of ideas to me as well and they'll be placed in the gallery.
6. Guilmon and/or His Evolutions Wallpapers I think this is something for artists alone can accomplish this.  Basically make a wallpaper featuring Guilmon or his evolutions and they'll be put into the club for everyone to use.

Okay there are some new pictures to the Guilmon club in the favorites Gallery so go check it out and few more people has joined the club. :D

-Things have changed now that this club is a group, you're going have to follow these rules.

1. Any picture/story about Guilmon and/or his evolutions are allowed to be submited to the club. I remove the picture from the submission if any of these forms are not there.
2. No mature or 18+ pictures/stories even if it's a warning.  It's supposed to be a club about Guilmon (and any of his forms) not "Guilmon doing perverted things."  Romantic pictures about Guilmon are allowed, but let's just hope that our definition of Romantic isn't completely different. ^^; Otherwise I'll remove the picture from the submission list. Seriously it's supposed to be a club that anyone should join not just teens and adults. :worry:
3. It's kind of hard for me to say this... but since I have no control over how the pictures/stories get submitted anymore so umm... no "homo" pictures/stories about Guilmon allowed. :worry: Sorry this is kind of thing is more like in the Teen or Adult kind of thing for me instead of something for kids/everyone. :worry:  I don't mind if this is used a joke (as in something innocent funny not insult funny) or just subtle or something, but I'll remove pictures that seemed to contain this kind of content.
4. Hidden Teen and Adult jokes and mentionables just as long it's used in a way that umm, isn't too obvious or outright stating it.  
5. It's kind of hard to elaborate rules 3 or 4 even further, so if you're not sure.  You can have me check your picture or story first before submiting it, that way we won't go through alot of heated discussion about this. :handshake:
6. Pictures/stories Guilmon or any of his evolutions mixed in with other characters are also okay too. :teamwork:

---- (Copy and paste of the original leader's rules and updates)

I've seen lots of Digimon clubs online, but I've never seen one dedicated to that adorable dragon, Guilmon!

I think Guilmon's the best Digimon out of the three goggle-boys, so I made this club to give him the appreciation that he so rightly deserves. By the way, he is naive, not babyish. There is a big difference between the two words.


If you wish to join the Guilmon Club, there are some rules you'll need to adhere to.

1. You must either love Guilmon(Gillmon) or any of his evolutions: Jyarimon, Gigimon, Growlmon(Growmon), WarGrowlmon(MegaloGrowmon) and Gallantmon(Dukemon) normal, crimson or paladin modes.

2. You must be a fan of Digimon Tamers, although if you love Guilmon, then you must at least like Tamers too, right?

3. If possible, place a link to this club either in your sig and/or in your Journal. Link to :iconguilmon-club: ( It's not required, but I'd appreciate it if you did.

If you think you deserve to join, then simply send a message to :iconguilmon-club: requesting to join.

You can talk about Tamers in the Devious Thoughts section if you wish, although it must be Tamers only! I do like the other seasons as well, but this club is just for Guilmon and the 3rd season in general.

I may hold a contest for a club avatar or a Club ID sometime :3


Leader> :iconguilrel:

:iconjammerlea: :iconkxt-schubaltz: :iconzero-phantom: :iconmew2guilmon: :iconfamira: :iconelkiliger: :iconyuski: :iconstrawberryhedgehog: :iconinfernorena: :icondarkest-chaos: :iconspyingredfox: :iconmetal-renamon: :iconsp200: :iconkalicothekat: :iconthe-dsf: :iconcinnamonroe: :iconkasarawolf: :icondralam: :iconhalfshell: :iconwargreyter: :icontrexthehuge: :iconitazurabutterfly: :iconcurry23: :iconkenro-chan: :icondragon407: :icondupa-the-surt: :icondementer: :iconguardianyashu: :iconamerican-digimon: :iconkiri1: :iconsylviene: :iconaspear1234: :iconmancy157: :iconglacierwulf: :iconkashapaw: :iconliontamer024:  :iconddestind9:  :iconprjfreak:   :iconotakusan: :iconthorinfrostclaw: :iconscuba-steve-the-1st: :iconbadcoin: :iconblueeyeskitten: :iconheartlessassassin: :iconeclipsethewolf: :icondarksoul-wolf: :iconpython-ptn: :iconos-osiris: :iconaahe: :iconhooded-wanderer: :iconchibiibuizel: :iconshatoyarn-moongoddes: :iconspazzticglitch: :iconirrationalprince: :icondracomonstar: :iconagirlpersonthingy: :iconbreakingcloud: :iconninaiso:  :iconmindyvalo: :iconmarcella-youko: :icondrakin929: :icongrowlercyr: :icontessary: :iconlare-yoshi: :iconrosora13: :iconguilmons-tamer: :iconyoshemo: :iconriox:  :iconallycat3: :iconguilmon117: :iconsc0t1n4t0r: :icongallantart: :icongerman-dragon: :iconfireninja666: :iconbig-red13: :iconinvader-zim-fever: :iconpsi-psi: :iconxxkitsunaxx: :iconsammydeerzie: :icondeafhpn: :iconroseraptor: :iconzicnoracel: :iconchubbydigimonlover: :iconsukihatake: :iconjinjo64: :iconweeze999: :icongunsouru: :iconsoniku-girl: :iconkalvis13: :iconlukar82394: :iconrika24: :iconfiredragon99: :iconfantazy-club: :iconsomacruzgdc: :iconookami-girl: :iconkimera-the-hedgehog: :icontikeo: :iconehee: :iconscuba-steve-the-1st: :iconmacromute: :icontheangelicone: :iconfuragon: :iconcrouching-tora: :iconmella-chan: :iconclampfan101: :iconchromamancer: :iconthellamagoesrawr: :iconmarielsa11: :icondestiny-islands-chic: :iconferalfox21: :iconmatt-777: :iconclampfan101: :iconcdog501: New members> :iconahhhicantthinkofname: :iconcommonplague: :iconxjsider: :iconLynx D: :iconjohn16: :iconthokage: :iconshaunsp:

Wow, this club is growing! Yay!


If you want to affiliate with me, just send me a message! Naturally, your club must have something to do with Digimon.
:iconrenamon-fan-club: :iconwargreymon-club: :iconflamedramon-club: :iconguilrena-club: :icondigimon-clubi: :iconimpmon-fan-club: :icontailmonfans: :icondnatribe: New affiliate> :icondigimonthefirst3club:
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